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Robuste Durchflusssensoren ohne bewegte Teile - SIKA Vortex VVX 32 / 40 – die clevere Lösung für HKL- und Industrie-Anwendungen

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SIKA Dr. Siebert & Kühn GmbH & Co. KG expands its well-known product range of vortex flow sensors and presents the further development of the proven SIKA VVX series. The flow sensors of the VVX series for nominal sizes DN 32 and DN 40, which are installed directly in the pipeline as an in-line device, are based on the principle of the Kármán vortex street. Their integrated bluff body creates vortices in the flowing medium, which act alternately on the piezo-electric force sensors, which are completely encapsulated in plastic. This design offers unique advantages in case of contamination and pressure peaks.

The integrated electronics convert the pulses of the sensor into a flow-proportional output signal. Several analogue output signals (0.5...3.5 V, 0…10 V or 4…20 mA) or a frequency signal are available for the flow rate. SIKA also offers a resistance or analogue signal for integrated, fast-response temperature measurement.

Particularly noteworthy is the high-quality workmanship of the new SIKA vortex flow sensors: they are optionally made of brass or robust stainless steel. This means they can withstand permanent loads such as DI water and are characterised in the field by their stability, long service life and high interference immunity.

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