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Der neueste Temperaturkalibrator von SIKA - Großes Kalibriervolumen bis 450 °C

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SIKA extends the temperature range for premium temperature calibrators.

Since the early 1980s SIKA has established itself as the leading manufacturer of portable temperature calibrators.

Until now, the future-oriented advantages of the TP Premium temperature calibrators have only been available in devices with temperature ranges from -55 to 255 °C maximum. With the TP 37450E.2, SIKA is now reaching new temperature ranges, of course not without shaking up the market with further new features.

While the typical temperature range for market competitors is up to 350 °C, SIKA easily achieves 450 °C with the TP 37450E.2 and this with a calibration volume of Ø60x150 mm. This means a clear saving of time. The user can calibrate a large number of DUTs simultaneously in the large calibration volume.

Another unique feature of portable temperature calibrators is the revolutionary new fan system used for the first time in the TP 37450E.2. Thanks to the patented arrangement of the fans, much shorter cooling times can be achieved, leading to shorter calibration times.

In addition to dry block calibrations, the TP 37450E.2 can also perform calibrations for infrared thermometers and surface sensors.

This is unique on the market.

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