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KMXP SERIES - Anisotropic Magneto-Resistive (AMR) Linear Position Sensors

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Position sensors play an increasingly important role in many industrial, robotic and medical applications. Advanced applications in harsh environments need sensors that perform well, even when exposed to oil, dirt and dust. The TE Connectivity KMXP position sensor is the right choice to meet those needs thanks to its Magneto Resistive technology and available form factors. The KMXP sensor provides greater precision than commonly used Hall sensors and is designed to provide reliable and accurate measurements in harsh environments including high temperatures. The sensor measuring principle is based on the anisotropic magneto resistance effect (AMR effect). The sensors are offered in two different DFN packages for multiple orientation options. These packages can be easily integrated to almost any automated assembly process.

• High Resolution and high precision – Magneto Resistive (MR) sensor with contactless measurement which provides accuracy of 10-50 ?m in ranges between 1 – 5 mm.
• Easy Assembly – DFN package ideal for any PCB assembly processes.
• Tape & Reel packaging for easy integration
• Design Freedom – Perpendicular or flat soldering versions and a small sensor wall thickness for large application air gaps.
• Superior Performance – Up to 150°C, EMC proof in any dirty environment and insensitive to dirt, oil or dust.

Contactless linear or angular position measurement in applications like:
• Industrial machinery like sawing or drilling equipment
• Medical high precision mechanical controls like bed control, advanced prosthesis steering, precision catheters, X-ray equipment, or syringe pumps
• Robotics in industrial automation

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