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MS5840-02BA Low profile, gel-filled, ultra-compact watertight pressure sensor

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The MS5840 is an ultra-compact micro altimeter. It is optimized for altimeter and barometer applications. The altitude resolution at sea level is 13 cm of air. The sensor module includes a high-linearity pressure sensor and an ultra-low power 24-bit ?? ADC with internal factory-calibrated coefficients. It provides a precise digital 24-bit pressure and temperature value and different operation modes that allow the user to optimize for conversion speed and current consumption. A high-resolution temperature output allows the implementation of an altimeter/thermometer function without any additional sensor. The MS5840 can be interfaced to any microcontroller with I2C-bus interface. The communication protocol is simple, without the need of programming internal registers in the device. The gel protection and antimagnetic stainless-steel cap makes the module water resistant. Small dimensions of only 3.3 mm x 3.3 mm x 1.7 mm allows integration in mobile devices. This sensor module generation is based on leading MEMS technology and latest benefits from TE Connectivity (TE) proven experience and know-how in high volume manufacturing of altimeter modules, which has been widely used for over a decade.

- Ceramic - metal package, 3.3 x 3.3 x 1.7mm
- High-resolution module, 13 cm
- Supply voltage: 1.5 to 3.6 V
- Fast conversion down to 0.5 ms
- Low power, 0.6 ?A (standby ? 0.1 ?A at 25°C)
- Integrated digital pressure sensor (24 bit ?? ADC)
- Operating range: 300 to 1200 mbar, -20 to +85 °C
- I2C interface
- No external components (internal oscillator)
- Protected against direct sunlight
- Lid connected to ground option

- Adventure or multi-mode watches
- Mobile water depth measurement systems

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