IRIDIAN Spectral Technologies
2700 Swansea Crescent
Ottawa, Ontario K1G 6R8 (Kanada)
Tel: +1 613 7414513
Fax: +1 613 7419986

Iridian is a world leader in optical thin film filter solutions for a wide range of applications. Iridian’s highly advanced thin film technology delivers durable high performance filters for use in, point of care medical diagnostics, Raman and fluorescence spectroscopy, Mid IR applications such as gas sensors, as well as biophotonics and telecommunications, astronomy and space. Iridian supports customers throughout their product’s development; from initial prototype to volume manufacturing in our automated high volume production facility in order to ensure that the most cost effective optical solutions are provided.

Product group(s)

Optisches Interferometer- oder Interferenz-Sensorelement
Weitere Sensoren und Sensorelemente
Komponente zur Strahlenoptik
Linsen-Optik, diffraktive Optik, Fresnel Optik, Folienoptik
Optischer Spiegel, Reflektor
Produktneuheiten Firma DE EN Datum
LiDAR filters IRIDIAN Spectral Technologies 16.05.2019

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