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Additional Housing Options for the Non-Depleting LuminOx Optical Oxygen Sensor

The LuminOx family are gaseous state 0-25% optical oxygen sensors developed and manufactured by SST Sensing Ltd. The measurement principle uses the non-depleting principle of luminescence quenching.

Based on popular request, two new variants of the industry established LOX-02 have been added to the existing sensor family. Customer feedback had requested gas-tight housings to allow for better sample management and options in terms of where the sensor can be situated.

The LOX-02-S is an oxygen diffusion housing with a sealed base. The sensor’s face with the protective membrane can be inserted thru wall into applications; maintaining environmental integrity and saving space.

The LOX-02-F is a flow through type housing with 4.5mm OD push-fit tubing connectors that allows for a clean gas sample stream to be drawn into the LuminOx sensor. This provides the option to completely remove the sensor from the process environment.

The LuminOx family is a series of oxygen sensors that are RoHS compliant, offering low power operation, low cost and long life. They are pressure & temperature compensated and have virtually no cross sensitivity to other gases.

About SST Sensing Ltd

For over a decade, SST Sensing Ltd has been developing and manufacturing fluid and gas sensing solutions. These are used to satisfy a broad range of demanding industrial, aviation, medical, transportation and domestic applications. The company’s extensive portfolio of products is made up of optically based liquid level sensors, ZrO2 based oxygen sensors/analysers, CO2 sensors and CO2 quality monitors. For more information visit: www.sstsensing.com

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