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Induktive Wegaufnehmer bis 360 mm in 2-Leiter-Technik Live Zero 4…20 mA

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The inductive displacement sensors SM263/283 in a slight shell of only Ø 12 mm are designed for measuring ranges up to 360 mm. The inductive displacement sensors SM34 in a slight shell of Ø 10 mm only are designed for measuring ranges up to 20 mm. The axial displacement of the Mu- metal core is analysed by a built in micro controller. The complete electronics providing an output signal proportionally to the range is inbuilt the shell. The low current draw enables the sensors to be executed in 2 wire technology with an output signal of 4 -20 mA which can be directly processed by a multitude of control system and display device units.

The finite magnitude (<4 mA) enables the sensor to be permanently powered without any external additional energy supply. By this means an internal control (defect of sensor/rupture of wire) can be implemented. The signal Live-Zero is characteristic for 2-wire sensors with reliable availability surveillance. Further the Live-Zero circuit is well favourable for trouble-shooting as the signal se-quence is analysable the full length of the transmission path by a multimeter.

As operating voltage 9 – 32 VDC is required. The minimal operating voltage in the process depends on the load resistor RB (9V + RB (in Ohm) x 20 mA).

When operating the sensing devices the tappet is pushed in rest position by an inbuilt spring. The electric connection can be rendered via litz wire or plug.
We gladly engineer any required variation, even special designs.
The sealed construction (IP68) enables the sensors to be used even in areas of extreme environ-mental conditions such as oil mist, mud, rain, dust as well as severe shock and vibration stress.

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