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3493Ax – Die neuen ultra-miniatur Rauscharmen von disynet

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After three years of development, Dytran has released the model 3493A, basically a low-noise version of the popular 3133-series – the smallest triax in the world. The disynet GmbH rounds up its range of low-noise IEPE accelerometers, now including ultra-miniature sensors as well!

The sensors were designed for spaces inaccessible to other types of accelerometers and for low-noise-measurements on extremely small structures, in which the weight plays an important role.

The new ultra miniature IEPE triaxial accelerometers weights just 0.9 grams and are extremely small with a size of just 7,6 x 6,6 x 6 mm, making them perfectly suited for such applications.

Available with ranges of 500g and 1000g (sensitivity: of 10mV/g and 5 mV/g respectively), they have a frequency response (± 10%) of 1Hz to 10kHz and can be used at temperatures from -48 to +107°C.

The Dytran model 3493A1 incorporates piezo-ceramic sensing elements in planar shear design with integral electronics, packaged in a robust, lightweight, welded titanium cube, with a 3-foot integral cable terminating to a 4-pin 1/4-28 connector. The cable is designed to mate with several different types of Dytran extension cables that are optionally available.

Typical applications are Shock and vibration testing as well as modal and structural analysis of small lightweight specimens, in the aerospace and satellite industry or computer hand-held devices and components, Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), HALT/HASS, product response testing and for general purpose triaxial vibration measurements.

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