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-Enhanced security via Windows® 10
-60X faster sampling rates with optional 50MHz Scope Card

With the TMX®, ease of use is a given. There’s no need for complicated configurations. The TMX features a high resolution 17'' touch screen display, with pre-defined set up options, making test setup a breeze. With the TMX, you will be up and running in no time!

17'' LCD High-Resolution Touch Screen Display
Up to 96 Channels
Dedicated 1 TByte Removable Data Capture Hard Drive (Solid State Drives optional)
800 kHz Sample Rate/Channel (up to 96 channels) & 50 MS/s with optional 2-channel scope card
100 kHz Bandwidth
The TMX accepts a wide variety of inputs within one system. Whatever your test requirements, the TMX touch screen data acquisition system offers a configuration to meet your needs.

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