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DATAEAGLE PI - Lösungskonzept für die Übertragung von IO-Link in die Cloud

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By creating seamless IoT connectivity, the DATAEAGLE 7050 together with the DATAEAGLE Portal gives our customers the opportunity to realize the full potential of your data and develop new business models, like data analysis & visualisation, remote updates & maintenance, and in-depth monitoring for predicting component fatigue.

Collecting machine data
The DATAEAGLE 7050 collects sensor and machine data, pre-processes it and forwards it to the DATAEAGLE Portal and from there to the customer’s own cloud system, e.g. SAP or Windows Azure. Now, to make it even more versatile, we upgraded the DATAEAGLE 7050 with an innovative new feature. The new device is called the DATAEAGLE Pi.

DATAEAGLE PI implement concept for IO-LINK transmission to the Cloud
By means of the DATAEAGLE 7000 IoT gateways, IO-Link sensor data can be transmitted to the cloud. The implementation concept consists of an IO-Link Master, available from a wide range of manufacturers. Using the DATAEAGLE Pi equipped with Codesys, data is transmitted to the cloud via mobile radio. For more information about the IIoT gateway please go to our product page.
Our IoT solution stands out due to an easily adaptable end-to-end concept containing IoT gateways, Device Cloud and connectivity enabled by an integrated eSIM card.

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