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DATAEAGLE Beacon - Industrie-Beacon füllt eine Marktlücke

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Bluetooth Beacon
DATAEAGLE Beacon is an active tag that can be used for localization of goods. For process optimization it is possible to store important information on it

Up until now Bluetooth Beacons have been used in consumer settings. Schildknecht is now adapting the Beacon for industry, giving it a range of new features to cope with this new role:
- Localization of objects
- Detection & identification of objects
- Information exchange & data storage
- Up to 30 meters range
- Up to 1 year battery life

Use Case: Tool Tracking & Digital Routing Slips

Due to its memory function the DATAEAGLE Beacon is able to store measurement data, product information, and other important process information. When it comes to processing machines – e.g. tooling machines – drills or other tools are often measured at measuring stations. Connected via the DATAEAGLE 2730 Gateway, a computer can store these measurement data on the DATAEAGLE Beacon. Beacons can be mounted on the tool or on the tool cart. Now the system can detect the correct tools at the machine, and read out the dimensions of e.g. the drill. This improves production quality, and perhaps more importantly, it saves precious time. After processing, the tooling machine can store the processing time spent on the drill on the Beacon. Used in this way, the Beacon can replace Routing Slips.

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