ZEMIC Europe B.V.
Leerlooierstraat 8
4871 EN Etten-Leur (Niederlande)
Tel: +31 76 50394-80
Fax: +31 76 50394-81


ZEMIC ist einer der führenden Hersteller von Dehnungsmessstreifen.

With over 50 years of experience in the development and production of strain gauges, ZEMIC produces a high quality and wide variation of strain gauges in high volume. With our experience and development expertise, ZEMIC has become one of the largest manufacturers of strain gauges.

Zemic Europe, centre of competence in straingage technology
Zemic Europe takes care of the sales, marketing and distribution within Europe. Zemic Europe is a centre of competence within the weighing industry and is able to supply everyone with the best solution for their stress analysis and weighing applications.

ZEMIC strain gauges are produced according to the OIML R62 regulations and the RoHS environmental directives. All ZEMIC strain gauges are in accordance with the needs for sophisticated stress analysis and high-precision strain gauge sensors.

Technology and quality of foil gages
With sustainable and efficient technology research and development systems, ZEMIC upkeeps the strict quality assurance system. With professional and reliable technology ZEMIC is able to produce an annual output of over 50 million stable, reliable and first-class quality strain gauges which are divided in more than a dozen series and over a thousand different specifications.

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