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IREF LITE: The New IR Technoligy from NET is set to revoluzionalize refrigerant leak detection with astonishing performance price/ratio

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When it comes to refrigerant leak detection, the predominant sensing technologies are undoubtedly Non-Dispersive InfraRed (NDIR) and Metal-Oxide Semiconductor (MOS). NDIR is the most performing technology, but its cost has so far prevented a widespread use in light commercial and residential applications, where MOS has remained the predominant choice.
Although MOS requires periodic calibration (normally every 6 months or less) and substitution every 2 to 4 years, other than suffering from interference from many chemicals other than the target gas and from dependency from environmental conditions, the affordable price has tipped the balance in its favor in settings like food retails, hotel rooms, apartments and offices.
This is about to change with the new IREF LITE series from N.E.T. – a complete line of NDIR sensors for refrigerant gas detection set to hit the market at an astounding price.
This will make the gas selectivity, accuracy, poison immunity and extended lifetime of NDIR technology affordable for any setting, dramatically improving gas detection performances in the HVAC-R market, improving occupants safety and lowering cost-of-ownership.
The IREF Lite series from N.E.T. include solutions for R32, R1234yf and R1234ze in LEL range, providing user-programmable threshold output steps in voltage – default 10% LEL=1V, 25% LEL=1.5V. Digital communication via Modbus RTU commands allows complete access to the sensor functioning parameters, diagnostics and periodic recalibration. The standard industrial 7-series size and pinout fit existing detectors and is significantly smaller than most NDIR alternatives available

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