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Kundenspezifisch ausgeführte Lastmessbolzen für Lastenaufzüge

With the components of Zemic WEP-Weisshaupt has produced a material lift with integrated overload detection system.

Zemic loadpins

In the column lift system, both load pins and weight transmitters are used. Loadpins are force sensors which are being installed in applications for measuring dynamic, static or hoisting forces. For example the use of loadpins for the overload protection of cranes, creating load measuring systems, building load limitation systems and to optimize the service life of hoists. Loadpins are often used when load cells do not fit in a system, because they are available in very small sizes.

Zemic has often experienced customer specific requirements for a loadpin, concerning the dimensions, IP grades, integrated transmitters, specific cable exits, redundant solutions etc. For this reason Zemic has designed a special webpage ‘Design your loadpin’, so each customer can enter the required specifications.

Top-Sensors weight transmitters

Weight transmitters are used in production areas which can be found mainly in the process industry. These weight devices with indication display are connected with PLC's, other transmitters or indicators. The Top-Sensors weight transmitters offered by Zemic Europe are suitable to connect directly 1, 4 or even 8 loadcells directly to the device. Weight transmitters convert the weight signal (in general 2 or 3 mV/V at full scale) into a 4-20mA output, 0-10V output, 0-5V output or communicate by fieldbusses like Profinet, Profibus, CanOpen, Devicenet, Ethernet etc. For this application the T2 Weight Transmitter 8-Channel is designed. The unique feature is the individual setpoints for each channel.


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