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Silicon Flow Sensor SFS01

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Innovative Sensor Technology IST AG develops thermal mass flow sensors and offers solutions for a wide range of
flow applications. Complete modules with integrated flow channels and passive or active outputs are often offered
on the market. These systems are suitable for many general applications, but they are usually not suitable for
price-sensitive or space-limited applications. As a sensor element only, the flow sensors from IST AG form the basis
for many customer-specific applications and enable application-specific and individually tailored integration.
The Silicon Flow Sensor (SFS) is IST AG‘s first flow sensor based on silicon technology. With the SFS01 flow can be
determined not only quantitatively, but also qualitatively (flow direction). This is possible due to the calorimetric
measuring principle with which the SFS is generally operated. The calorimetric measuring principle (see section 2.4
for details) is based on a heater and two nearby temperature sensors. The heater generates a heat cloud in the flow
medium. The expansion and orientation of the thermal cloud are defined by the strength and direction of the flow
and the composition of the gas. The orientation of the thermal cloud results in a temperature difference between
the two temperature sensors. By measuring this temperature difference, the flow strength and flow direction are
The symmetrical design of the SFS01 allows easy interpretation and evaluation of the measurement signal. The sensor
can be used for different gases. Furthermore, the SFS is characterized by a large measuring range, high sensitivity
and a very fast response time. A good design of the channel geometry allows the performance of the sensor to
be optimally matched to the desired application. The SFS flow sensor is ideally suited for space-limited applications,
but can also be easily upgraded to complete ready-to-use systems. IST AG offers a wide range of customer support
services and cooperation, including system integration, pre-assembled, customer-specific partial solutions and complete
solutions tailored to the customer‘s application.

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