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Kompakte Druckschalter von Panasonic, kinderleicht zu bedienen

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AMSYS GmbH & Co. KG broadens its product range of ready-to-use pressure sensors with the pressure switches series DP 0 and DP 100 of Panasonic.

The new pressure switches of the DP-series are ideally suited for air pressure monitoring and control in industrial applications. In addition to the functions of a sensor a pressure switch can control connected equipment depending on the pressure values in numerous ways. Such pressure switch-es are available as OEM-sensors and now also as ready-to-use controllers as in the case of Panasonic’s DP-series.
The switches are available with a pressure range of either -1 to +1 bar or -1 to +10 bar. Up to two outputs and different switching modes allow a wide variety of monitoring and control tasks meeting most applications. The Panasonic pressure switches are characterized by their miniaturization and ease of use, i.e. wide angle display and buttons with a distinct working point and complement AMSYS selection in the range of pressure sensor technology.

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