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MTP-NT Modulare Telemetrie

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MTP-NT telemetry is a small and flexible telemetry system that has a modular design. It consists of freely selectable sensor modules, a controller module and an inductive transmitter unit. Depending on the needs of the user, the telemetry system can be freely assembled and subsequently adapted.

The right module for every sensor type

MTP-NT telemetry offers two module types for sensors: a universal analog module for voltage, strain gauge (quarter-, half- and full-bridge) and IEPE sensors and a temperature module for measuring thermocouples (Type K and Type J) and PT100/1000. Each sensor module is available in a 2-channel or 4-channel version and is equipped with signal conditioning, antialiasing filters, A/D converters and a digital output.

Multiple modules, only one controller

Up to 128 modules (256 channels) can be controlled with a single MTP-NT controller module. The modules can be placed close to the sensors and connected to each other over longer distances of up to 10 m via interference-free digital outputs. This avoids unwanted noise. The output of the MTP-NT controller is a bit-serial PCM signal that is modulated for wireless transmission and can be transmitted inductively over distances up to 50 mm. It is designed for data rates up to 10 Mbit/s.

Wireless power supply

For permanent installations, e.g., in test benches or production facilities, telemetry often has to work uninterrupted for days or weeks. For this purpose, the MTP telemetry uses a non-contact, inductive power supply. Using a stationary inductive head and a receiver coil on the rotating component, the supply voltage for telemetry is transmitted without contact.

Wireless transmission

Depending on the application, different non-contact transmission links are available, e.g., an inductive coil antenna for distances up to 50 mm and a transmission rate of up to 10 Mbit/s. This allows, for instance, for 32 parallel channels, a signal bandwidth of up to 6,000 Hz and a corresponding 24,000 Hz with eight channels.

Receiver unit

In the MTP-NT receiver unit, all data from the transmitter modules converge. Via an Ethernet interface, the data can be forwarded to a higher-level system. An integrated
solution is provided by the imc measurement systems with TELDEC interface, which ensure a time-synchronous acquisition of telemetry and all other sensors and systems connected to the imc system.

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