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Neuer preisgünstiger aber hochpräziser S-Profil Kraftaufnehmer!

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Due to frequent customer requests, TE has extended its product range of load cells to include an inexpensive S-profile load cell - without compromising on quality - by optimizing the production processes.

The FN9620 has a non-linearity of <0.03%; very high precision for a low-cost sensor!

Its stainless steel housing, the waterproof IP68 protection and an overload capability of 300%, makes the FN9620 very robust, and ideally suited for harsh and humid environments.

With dimensions of 60 x 56 x 20mm and an M12 thread and ranges from ± 0.5 to 10kN (tension and compression), it is suitable for a wide range of applications, such as test benches, tool production and custom machines.

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