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disynet - Ihr Spezialist für einzigartige Miniaturlösungen bei Beschleunigungsmessungen im Hochtemperaturbereich!

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When measuring vibrations at high temperatures, DMS-based sensors quickly reach their limits. Piezoelectric charge-mode sensors with suitable cables are a considerably better choice for those applications.
Most high temperature sensors currently available on the market are too big for the often limited mounting space. Additionally, the higher weight can falsify the measurement – especially on light structures.
The patented ‘silver window’ technology offers a solution to this problem. This innovative technology allows the quartz crystal to ‘breathe’ even at high temperatures. This allows for smaller shape.

Dytran's very compact single axis high-temperature accelerometer with integrated insulation base, charge output and patented "silver window" type 3316C2 for example, can be used in environments up to 538 °C and has already been successfully established on the market.

With the 3335C the disynet GmbH now offers a uniaxial high temperature vibration sensor which can withstand up to 650 °C (short term up to 760 °C) weighing only 35 grams. Due to its small size (24.4 mm x 14.5 mm x 11 mm) it is ideal for high temperature applications which limited room. The integrated hard-line cable is particularly robust and suitable to transmit a reliable signal to data acquisition systems even in a harsh environment.

The new 3262C was developed to meet requirements for high temperature sensors with differential output. It works in the same temperature environment as the 3335C, has a triangular mounting base (‘A-rink’-design) and weighs 100 grams.

Due to the great demand for very small triaxial high-temperature sensors the hitherto world's smallest solution has now been developed, based on the 3316-sensor. Three of the above sensors are used for this purpose, whereby the crystal of each of the three sensors is oriented differently, namely along the X, Y, and Z measurement axes.
Due to this different internal orientation of the crystal within each sensor, all three sensors can be mounted on a base - in the same plane - with parallel connector or cable outputs.

The same principle is realized with three 3335C type sensors for even higher temperature applications (650 °C).

With the sensor 3683C, an even smaller and lighter triaxial solution is planned. This will incorporate three 3316-sensor-elements (538 °C) in the X, Y and Z axes within one housing (34.6 mm x 30.5 mm x 23.4 mm), weighing only 65 grams. With this, this triaxial solution is small enough to be used in applications with even less available space.

Besides the mentioned models, disynet GmbH offers a wide variety of other acceleration sensors, for example suitable for high temperatures up to 316 °C, 260 °C, 200 °C.

Various matching high temperature cables and suitable amplifiers (e.g. 4772A) complement the program.

Typical applications:
All high-temperature applications where the weight and the size of the sensor is critical, such as vibrations of turbines, on car-engines and exhaust manifolds as well as for ESS applications (Environmental Stress Screening).

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