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PT-2088 High-temperature Type Pressure Transitter with Silicon-on-sapphire Sensor for Very High Low Temperature Medium in Severe Environment

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PT-2088 High-Temperature Type Pressure Transmitter

General Introduction:

With the state-of-the art Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology and advanced temperature compensation technology, PT-2088 high-temperature type pressure transmitter has excellent long-ter stability over a wide temperature range. It is ideal product for the measurement of very high or low temperature medium.

Technical Specifications:

? Accuracy: ±0.1%FS - ±0.5%FS

? Pressure Range: 0 – 3KPa – 60MPa

? Output Signal: 4 – 20mA

? Operating Temperature: 60 - 200?

? Overload Pressure: 2*FSO

? Electrical Connection: PG7

? Process Connection: M20*1.5, etc., or on request

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