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Digitale Flügelradanemometer für Luft, Gas oder Flüssigkeiten

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The measuring heads and the sensor shaft of the new vane anemometers are made of aluminum or stainless steel and therefore suitable for many mobile or stationary applications. The flow velocity is detected with high accuracy.

standard meas. range from 0,3 to max. 40 m/s
extended meas. ranges from 0,2 to max. 120 m/s (on request)
for to measure in air, gas or liquids
for ambient temperatures from -20 to + 125 °C or - 40 to +260 °C
max. resolution 0,01 m/s !
additional version with direction recognition

Special features: Each vane anemometer is adjusted individually. The multi-point adjustment is stored in the connector. In order to improve the high measuring accuracy, the low dependence of the measured value on the density can be compensated. The programming is stored in the connector. The vane anemometers are connected via a digital ALMEMO® D6 connector and can therefore be simply plugged on all ALMEMO® V7 measuring instruments and dataloggers as well as on older device versions with digital input.

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