114, Ghica Tei Blvd., Bl.40, Ap. 2, Dept.2
023709 Bukarest (Rumänien)
Tel: +40 31 8062-122
Fax: +40 31 8062-122

SITEX45 SRL (SITEX )-Company Profile

SITEX 45 SRL is an industrial SME with R&D activity ,industry oriented ,located on MINATEC-RO / Scientific and Technological Park for Micro/nanotechnologies Bucharest deeply involved for more of 25 years since 1992 in following activities:
(i) R&D prototyping and manufacturing of microelectronics and optoelectronics devices, sensors and nanosensors arrays ,actuators and transducers, microsystems as MEMS & MOEMS for Chemical and environmental monitoring ,acoustic, optical and biomedical sensors (ii)R&D of micro & nanotechnologies applications for; new materials processing and development of innovative products by unconventional technologies applications,(iii)Design and engineering, prototyping and microproduction for sensors and micro/nanosystems MST/NST by new materials applications including nanostructured as biocompatible and multifunctional thin films (iv)MEMS/MOEMS and sensors packaging technologies and applications (v) Smart systems integration applications, Medical and biomedical instrumentation ,Health monitoring applications,.(vi) Wireless Sensors Networks (WSN) for custom or semicustom projects. (vi)RFID`s and IoT (Internet of Things) application systems also main supplier of Romanian market with RFID`s products ,smart cards and tags. (vii) Vision control and Metrology instrumentation. (viiii) Green and new energy sources

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