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Intelligente Lichter, Sensoren, intelligente Mausefalle und vieles mehr beim IQRF-Unterstützertreffen

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Members of the IQRF Alliance, cooperating companies and the professional community could meet on 12 February in Prague at the IQRF Meetup CZ meeting at the CIIRC Center of City of the Future. The IQRF Alliance is a member of this center, which aims to create a broad platform on a neutral campus.

Petr Doutná? from MICRORISC has described the path we have taken as a member of the Center of City of the Future since joining us, how cooperation with the Central Bohemian Region and municipalities has developed, and what projects we plan to implement in the near future.

Šimon Chudoba, CEO of the IQRF Alliance, explained how the Alliance's activities are being expanded in the UK, where the alliance has established a new office since August 2019. He showed a practical application for locating devices in the IQRF network and explained how new IQRF tools can simplify the installation of lights, sensors and other field devices.

Vladimír Šulc, CEO of IQRF Tech, owner of the IQRF technology, presented new products for building sensors and introduced a new line of IQRF transceivers. The conference participants had the opportunity to see a practical demonstration of the IQRF construction with the new improved AutoNetwork and device management with the new DP2P.

At the conference, companies engaged in the overall integration of IoT solutions in cities, villages and buildings presented their activities and had the opportunity to establish cooperation with companies that develop specific products for these projects. Several integration platforms were introduced from which IoT project integrators can choose. There were presented indoor and outdoor air sensors, active elements such as wireless power sockets or switches, smart interior, outdoor and emergency lights, parking and passage detectors, smart radio, heating systems including HVAC systems for efficient air treatment, up to radar for monitoring and detecting people or vehicles or clever rodent traps. Software tools, cloudy, remote management and mobile applications for working with the IQRF network were introduced.

Representatives of VŠB TU Ostrava informed about the most remote installation of the IQRF network for measuring the outdoor environment and earthquakes, which they carried out in the Kingdom of Tonga in the Pacific Ocean.

Presenting companies: IQRF Alliance, IQRF Tech, MICRORISC, RehiveTech, Forestbit, Yes-research, Logimic, ZAT, IBM, NEXTRA Systems, Protronix, Netio products, Austyn International, Master App, JoTio Tech, GC System, Camea, VŠB Ostrava, Smíchovská SPŠ, Czech Radio Communications, Adera, Q-el Pro.

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