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Eletta und Katronic - ein starkes Team bei der Durchfluss-Messung

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Eletta Messtechnik GmbH is pleased to announce that, since 1st of January 2020, we are responsible for the sales area of Germany, offering the ultrasonic flow meters of Katronic GmbH. For more than 20 years, Katronic is successful solving flow metering applications for thousands of customers all over the world. You will find the KATflow series in various ambitious industrial installations, as well as from the deep sea to the space.
Very often, ultrasonic flow meters are used for water metering, but more and more also in other applications, e.g. for space research projects and for measuring the thrust power of submarines.
Our portable devices are used in the food industry, for example during brewing processes. Furthermore we are used in nuclear industry, another field of applications where it is favourable to use flow metering without intruding the pipe system.
These kind of clamp-on flow meters are often used for measuring the flow of aggressive fluids that could be health dangerous, e.g. in pharmaceutical industry to maintain sterile conditions, or during manufacturing of semiconductors with hydrofluoric acid.
The ultrasonic flow measurement offers such a variety of advantages that you will find it in any industries.
From now on, the Eletta flow metering specialists will provide advice with their 70+ years experience, and will assist you finding the optimal solution for your flow metering challenge!

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