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Nanocrystalline semiconducting metal oxides with controlled composition are indeed of increasing interest in gas sensing and constitute also a new and exciting subject of fundamental research. Compounds having perovskite structures are among one of the most important classes of ternary oxides. Some composite systems (such as (Ba, Sr) TiO3) retained the attention due to their multi-sensing properties such as: humidity, thermal and photosensitivity. BST ceramics are good candidates for applications in phased array antennas, capacitors, PTC thermistors, and sensors.
SENSGAS project is aimed to create a new class of precisely nanostructured perovskite materials. The project takes into account that the recent research identified the sensing potential of un-modified and modified BST respectively and significant trends on nanotechnologies and gas-sensing layers to be employed. So far, the combined effects of multiple features and the resulting complexity have been explored at a rather preliminary phenomenological level, and a genuine understanding of the underlying mechanism between the BST surface and the gas is still missing, in particular for H2S, SO2, NH3 gases
This new gas sensor will be used in monitoring systems e. g. in heavy waters production, chemical industry (chemical and biological agent detection), fillers exploitation

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