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Two photons absorption organometallic compounds by nanostructures based on nanotechnologies applications for optoswitching devices for optical communications networks

In the last few decades, the continuous development of human society has led to exceptional scientific and technological accomplishments, but a vast number of classical materials and devices tend to reach physical limitations concerning their performances. Our innovative optoswitches approaches two important directions: the high speed processing needed for integrated circuits and the miniaturization demands. The current state-of-the-art electronics implies transistors (the metal semiconductor field effect transistors MESFETs and high-electron-mobility transistors HEMTs) designed for microwave applications. Materials that exhibit ultrafast response to the incoming light signal in picosecond to nanosecond time scale are of current interest in optical sensors, optoelectronics and nonlinear optics due to their potential application in ultrafast optical switching and passive optical device applications. The products developed based on new organometallic compounds based on azo derivatives, ferrocenes and acridines that can be integrated in high speed optical switching devices. Hybrid materials synthesized by sol-gel method and thin films /pixels/ heterostructures processed by alternative lasers technologies for further device building and testing are the challenges of the products. The novelty of the project, that requires both theoretical and experimental future research, relies not only on the new organometallic based composite materials but also on the methods and technologies involved in acquiring the project objectives

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