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Neue Software TempControl 2.0 zur Darstellung der Temperaturverteilung in Verbrennungsanlagen

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For optimal control of the SNCR in the combustion chambers of incineration plants, it is particularly important to know the temperature distribution. The quality of the firing can also be assessed using the temperature distribution. Radiation thermometers are the easiest and cheapest way to measure the temperature of the flue gas. By using several radiation thermometers in combination with the new software TempControl 2.0, HEITRONICS offers fast and precise recording the temperature distribution in the combustion chamber. The software is supplemented by industrial hardware.

In addition to a thermographic image, the system also offers the option of determining the temperature at freely selectable points and integrating it into the control system.
• Calculation of current temperature distribution from up 16 IR Thermometers
• Output of intermediate temperature values at up to 16 freely selectable positions in the combustion chamber and output thru D/A-converter
• Free configuration of the combustion chamber and the measuring positions
• Displaying the temperature distribution as a false color image
• 4 different modes for calculating the wall temperature

Line graphics for:
• Current readings
• Hourly averages
• Daily averages
• Storage of all measured values and calculations

Benefits of the HEITRONICS Instruments/Software:

• Fast response time
• Licensed according to 17.BImSchV
• Easy assembly and start up

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