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Neue schnelle Pyrometer zur berührungslosen Temperaturmessung im mittleren Infrarot-Spektralbereich

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The mid-infrared spectral range (MWIR, wavelength between 3 µm and 5 µm) is of particular interest for applications in industrial non-contact temperature measurement. Examples are narrow band pyrometers around 5 µm wavelength for glass temperature measurement, around 3.9 µm (measurements through flames) and around 3.4 µm (measurements on thin plastic films). Broadband MWIR pyrometers are suitable for example for measurements on metals and ceramics (3 µm to 5 µm) or semiconductors (3.5 µm to 4.0 µm).
Among others, thermopile infrared detectors have been used in these pyrometers. Consequently, due to the thermal time constants, only relatively slow pyrometers (response time between 10 ms and 100 ms) are possible. DIAS Infrared is now expanding its range of PYROSPOT pyrometers, which are faster and more sensitive in the mid-infrared spectral range. This is possible through the use of new MWIR detectors.
The first devices to come onto the market are the pyrometers PYROSPOT DA 44G for glass temperature measurement (around 5 µm, measurement temperatures from 50 °C to 2500 °C), DA 44F for measurements through flames (around 3.9 µm, 100 °C to 2500 °C), DA 44M for general measurements in the MWIR spectral range (3 µm to 5 µm, 20 °C to 1000 °C) and DA 44MF as a special device for the semiconductor industry (3.5 µm to 4.0 µm, 50 °C to 1000 °C). The response time (t95) is only 5 ms.
The new pyrometer DA 10G with a response time (t95) of just 1 ms is suitable for very fast temperature measurements on glass (around 5 µm, 75 °C to 2500 °C).

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