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VdS zertifiziert unser vollautomatisches Infrarot-Kamerasystem PYROVIEW FDS zur Brandfrüherkennung

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When storing waste, fuels and paper, reliable equipment for detecting and fighting fires is particularly important. With PYROVIEW FDS, DIAS Infrared has already developed a high-resolution thermal imaging camera for the effective detection of smouldering nests, initial or smouldering fires in 2004. Already the PYROVIEW 320L, forerunner of today’s continuously developed model, had been approved by the VdS according to their specifications for temperature monitoring in fire protection – now the camera system PYROVIEW FDS 380L could also prove its effectiveness and suitability within the scope of the VdS approval procedure.
The VdS is the largest and independent institute for Corporate Security in Europe. Their seal of approval for the PYROVIEW FDS 380L verifies once more that the IR camera system by DIAS can be operated safely and reliable even under difficult operating conditions like in waste bunkers, recycling storages, wood storages or waste paper warehouses.
For the infrared camera, there are numerous motor focus infrared optics available like wide angle lenses or tele lenses, to provide an optimum adjustment to different measurement objects and object sizes at different distances. In addition, the camera has a pan-tilt-head and an evaluation unit.
In the practical implementation of the camera system according to the specifications of VdS Guideline 3189, the specific needs and requirements of the system to be monitored and of the operator are always taken into account.
The VdS guideline 3189 "Planning and installation of IR camera units for temperature monitoring in fire protection" states: "Due to local and operational conditions, it can be useful to use IR camera units in addition to fire detection according to VdS 2095 or DIN VDE 0833-2, especially for monitoring the temperature of surfaces. In this way, it is possible to react at an early stage to temperature abnormalities, e.g. in the form of temperature gradients, in the monitoring area of the IR camera unit.”
“With the help of our camera system critical surfaces can be monitored efficiently and increased temperatures can be detected in time”, says Dr. Frank Nagel, CEO of DIAS Infrared GmbH. The Ethernet interface guarantees a loss-free and extremely low-delay data transmission.

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