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Figaro’s Highly Accurate, Low-Power NDIR CO2 Sensor Module CDM7160

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* Small size
* Low power
* High accuracy
* Single light source, dual wavelength system

* Indoor air quality control
* Fresh air ventilators
* Air conditioners
* Automatic fans and window openers

Figaro Engineering Inc. is pleased to announce its latest offering—the highly accurate, low-power NDIR CO2 sensor module CDM7160.

The CDM7160 CO2 sensor module uses a compact NDIR CO2 sensor, featuring excellent performance characteristics, including high accuracy and low power consumption. Stable long term operation and output are achieved by dual IR detectors and Figaro's proprietary signal processing technology. Unlike recent low-cost single element NDIR CO2 sensor modules that measure relative CO2 levels, CDM7160 can be used in an environment where the baseline CO2 concentration is normally high, such as in hospitals, libraries, and public facilities.

Every sensor module is individually calibrated and provided with both a UART and I2C digital interface. The CDM7160 sensor module is designed for simple integration into a user's products. It can be used in a wide range of applications such as ventilation controls for the improvement of energy savings and to assure a good indoor climate.

This new sensor module is now available.

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