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Whitepaper: Es liegt etwas in der Luft – die Raumluftqualität fühlen

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People are spending most of their time indoors, and they want their buildings to be comfortable, functional, efficient and safe. Technology is enabling transformational change in managing building performance, heralding the emergence of intelligent buildings and smart homes. Added motivation to the building automation revolution comes from the move towards sustainability and healthy living.

There is a growing awareness that in our modern world, indoor air quality (IAQ) has not been monitored effectively. The number and concentration of airborne pollutants is increasing, and recent research is highlighting air pollution as the major culprit to a host of health issues, as well as affecting concentration in the workplace.

Monitoring IAQ is emerging as the next ‘must-have’ in modern Building Management Systems as well as the smart home. If information technology is the heart of the BMS, then data, and data from sensors in particular, is the life blood. This White Paper considers how the latest IAQ sensors can help BMS developers achieve their goal of ensuring healthier buildings, improving the comfort, efficiency and safety of its occupants.

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