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Optisches Mikrofon - Eta450 Ultra

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The Eta450 Ultra membrane-free optical microphone is XARION’s most sensitive device. It is designed for contact-free ultrasound material testing. The frequency bandwidth expands from 50 kHz to 2 MHz making the sensor the perfect match for broadband, laser-ultrasound excitation.

Applications include:

Spot-weld Inspection
A reliable distinction between OK and NOK welds is possible without the necessity of a coupling fluid. This allows a robot-controlled inspection of spot-welds in the automotive industry.

Defects in Composite Materials
Internal defects such as delamination become visible using the NDT-scanner by XARION. The turn-key imaging system is available in a single-sided or through-transmission configuration, ideally suited e.g. for the water-free ultrasound inspection of CFRP and adhesive layers.

End-of-line Tests
The XARION technology is easy to integrate with existing systems, robot arms and software and allows a reliable contact-free quality inspection of production lines.

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