Hubert Stüken GmbH & Co. KG
Alte Todenmanner Str. 42
31737 Rinteln (Deutschland)
Tel: +49 5751 702-0
Fax: +49 5751 702-188

Kleine Teile - große Wirkung

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The globally positioned STÜKEN Group is the world's leading supplier of deep-draw technology. Wherever small, precise metal components are required, the family-owned company delivers outstanding quality and economical solutions.

The product range includes deep-drawn, stamped and formed parts, plastic injection molded components and highly developed assemblies. The range of vendor parts for sensors already exceeds 100 components - and the trend is rising. These are, for example, components for temperature sensors in heating systems, for pyroelectric sensors for measuring radiant heat in microwaves and for optoelectronic sensors for data transmission using glass fiber technology. For Industry 4.0, these include housings for shielding or connectors. Our customers appreciate our expertise in components that are used in particularly difficult conditions, for example at very high temperatures or in aggressive media.

Founded in 1931, we have decades of experience in processing a wide range of materials, from common metals such as steel, copper, nickel and aluminum to alloys such as stainless steel and brass, and special materials that are difficult to form such as molybdenum, Inconel, niobium and titanium. STÜKEN offers a spectrum of finishing processes that is unique in the industry. In addition, we have a well-functioning network to develop intelligent solutions for specific applications together with our partners. Our customers benefit from ready-to-use components for direct further processing in their production lines.

As a development partner for new products, STÜKEN is always at the customer´s side: from the concept, tool design, toolmaking and prototype production to series production. With our headquarters in Germany, subsidiaries in the USA, the Czech Republic and China as well as sales offices around the globe, we are always nearby.

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