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ESRF-ESF, mass flow meter for gases, ideal for medical & respiratory applications

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ES Systems has developed ESRF-ESF, an inline gas flow sensor, based on the hot-film anemometer principle for mass gas flow measurements.

ESRF-ESF is one of the few gas flow sensors featuring bidirectional gas flow sensing of up to ±300 ln/min with a total error band of < 1.25% RD. ESRF-ESF gas flow sensors provide calibrated and temperature compensated output on an SPI, I2C bus or analog output making them plug & play for direct interfacing to low voltage MCUs and systems. The user is provided with a multitude of interface and output options so that the right sensor configuration can be selected based on the specific requirements for each application.

Due to the compact design, and versatility, ESRF-ESF gas flow sensors are ideal for medical, process & pharmaceutical equipment where high accuracy and reliability are of the essence.

Calibration gas is air but other non-aggressive gases are available upon request.


– Bidirectional flow meter (inhale-exhale)

– High accuracy

– Long-term stability

– Flow & temperature sensor combo

– Competitive cost

– CE certified

Ideal for Medical Applications

ESRF-ESF is designed but not limited to usage on the following medical applications: Ventilation, Anesthesia, Inspiratory flow sensing, Gas mixing, Respiratory measurements, Drug delivery, Expiratory flow measurement, Metabolic Measurements, Proximal Flow measurement, Proximal flow measurement for infants / neonates, Expiratory flow measurement for infants / neonates, Ventilation & Anesthesia for infants / neonates, Respiratory measurements for infants / neonates, Metabolic Measurements for infants / neonates, Oxygen concentrators and conservers, Respirators and ventilators, Nebulizers, Continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP), Anesthesia machines, Anesthesia delivery machines, ventilators, ventricular assist devices (heart pumps), spirometers, laparoscopy

ESRF-ESF can also handle condensed humidity that might be caused by exhaling in the breathing cycle making it ideal for medical applications such as respiration devices, where high accuracy and reliability are of the essence.

Industrial Applications

ESRF-ESF is designed but not limited to usage on the following industrial applications: Mass flow controllers (Telecommunication systems, Environmental climate controls, Fuel cell controls, Process gas control welding equipment and lasers), Analytic instrumentation (spectrometry, chromatography), Air-to-fuel ratio, Fuel cells, Fume hoods, Gas leak detection, Process control gas monitoring, Vacuum pump monitoring, Clogging detection, Flow measurement, Air volume measurement, Process automation, Burner control, Environment monitoring, Laboratory

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