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Ultradünne PCB Materialien von DYCONEX für höhere Integrationsdichten

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In addition to extremely high reliability and high levels of integrated functionality, one of the primary requirements for today’s electronic circuits is miniaturization for applications in the field of sensor technology, medical technology or aerospace. In order to continually boost integration density in electronic connection technology and thereby reduce requirements on pc-board surfaces and volumes, it is no longer sufficient to create increasingly smaller structure widths on circuit boards. Beyond that, substrate thicknesses are being minimized by the use of extremely thin base materials.

With a 6-layer flex system, substrate thickness can be cut by 50% by using polyimide base materials for both the inner and outer layers and by optimizing the thickness of the adhesive and copper layers. This leads to a number of benefits:
• There is more free space for other components, for instance batteries in active implants or displays in mobile devices.
• Smaller vias and lines/spaces.
• Thinner substrates are of course advantageous for the bending zones within flexible circuits. By folding a circuit, the required surface area and volume are reduced and the level of integration density can be increased.
• Design rules can be adapted to meet the specific properties of such ultra-thin substrates.

Also with a 6-layer system in rigid technology the total thickness can be reduced by approx. 50% using ultra-thin base meterials.

For the manufacture of such substrates, the latest fabrication technologies such as laser direct imaging with special, highly precise registration processes are employed.
In the manufacture of its PCBs, DYCONEX guarantees full traceability. The use of the latest testing technologies and special acceptance tests make it possible to get in-depth assessments of all relevant factors for comprehensive product quality and reliability.

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