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NVH-Simulator PreSense

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In order to save costs, development times, prototypes and real tests, simulation is also becoming increasingly important for noise and vibration. The NVH simulator PreSense from HEAD acoustics enables acoustic evaluations even before all individual components and assemblies can be physically combined.

Furthermore, the simulator is suitable for defining target sounds or for the direct comparison of different vehicle configurations in the benchmark.
Experiencing noises and vibrations is more meaningful than just looking at diagrams and single values: The NVH simulator uses real measured noise data as well as data from binaural transfer path analysis (BTPA). Moreover, simulation data (CAE) can also be experienced. The simulated vehicle reacts in real time to driver interaction, such as gear selection, acceleration and braking.

Users can virtually exchange, add or modify engines, components and other noise sources during the simulation. Changes are immediately audible and allow the driver of the virtual vehicle a valid acoustic evaluation and quick decision without deep expertise.

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