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Der kleinste thermische Infrarot-Strahler im SMD-Gehäuse

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HISsmd series emitters are small, powerful infrared radiation sources that meet the demands for reliable miniaturized gas sensors and offer a wide range of new application scenarios. The low energy consumption, the high efficiency and the small size allow the use in portable, battery-powered, and mobile applications. These innovative infrared light sources are used, for instance, in respiratory gas analysis, e.g. for the detection of CO? and breath alcohol, and in Smart Home and Smartphone applications. The pioneering SMD package enables a fully automated production in high-volume markets.


Pulsable thermal black-body infrared source mounted in an SMD package with a size of 3 x 3 mm.

Patented nanostructured radiating element achieves high efficiency.

Innovative surface technology for customized SMD products.

Wide wavelength range enables applications in mobile, portable devices and various wearables, for miniaturized gas measurement sensors and hand-held spectrometers.

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