Sensitec GmbH
Schanzenfeldstr. 2
35578 Wetzlar (Deutschland)
Tel: +49 6441 5291-0
Fax: +49 6441 5291-117

Maßgeschneiderte, µm-präzise magnetische Maßstäbe

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As a manufacturer of magnetic sensors and supplier of complete sensor solutions, the know-how of magnetization is one of Sensitec's core competences. Thanks to the latest equipment technology with laser interferometers, Sensitec offers high-precision magnetic linear scales (length up to 700 mm) and rotational scales (ø up to 300 mm). These are used in position measuring systems, encoders, motor feedback systems and handling equipment. The scales are manufactured in a cost-optimized and customized manner according to customer requirements and are offered in a wide variety of materials and codings (incremental, absolute). The scalable production concept makes it possible to supply samples as well as large series.

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