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Fraunhofer-Verbund Mikroelektronik FMD

Anna-Louisa-Karsch-Str. 2
10178 Berlin (Deutschland)
Tel: +49 30 4005591-0

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Entwicklung intelligenter Sensormodule für mobiles Monitoring

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At our FMD institute Fraunhofer IIS, we develop individual solutions for sensor technology and analysis of physiological parameter. For the detection of physiological parameters, we use e.g. electrodes, respiratory bands or capacitive sensors. So that our discrete sensor modules can record biosignals in mobile everyday life and analyze it in real time, we rely on low-power concepts as well as robust algorithms for embedded systems. The miniaturized application-oriented integration, e.g. in textiles, furniture or vehicles, allows a mobile and comfortable data recording suitable for the application scenario. For the analysis of the recorded biosignals, we preprocess the data and calculate characteristic parameters, such as heart rate or heart rate variability.

Christian Hofmann
Group Manager Medical Sensor Systems
Phone: +49 9131 776-7340

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