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Drehmomentmesstechnik für Seitenwellen – die wartungsfreie Plug & Play Lösung

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MANNER sensor telemetry offers a particularly simple solution for side shafts. This is available as a self-assembly kit or as a quick service with application and calibration. Within five working days, a series part becomes a torque measuring element.

Measurement at side waves
As a dynamic connecting piece between the gearbox and the drive wheels, the side shaft offers the possibility of detecting the direct power of the drive train.
MANNER sensor telemetry provides an intuitive plug & play solution for capturing torque, dynamic drive performance and distribution.

Whether in motorsport or on the serial test track, in the measurement reliable data transmission is of the highest relevance. Due to time pressure on the test or racetrack, it is often not possible to pay the greatest attention to measuring technology. The integration must therefore go fast and also forgive mounting tolerances of the user. The flexible stator loop, which does not have to be exactly positioned, is one of our solutions. This solution forgives also a loose application of the flexible stator loop, which easily slips when driving or oscillates by vibration. Despite everything, the data transfer must be ensured.

The solution
With a construction height of only 4 mm, the rotor antenna, sensor, sensor signal amplifier and encapsulation are applied to the side shaft. Since the weight of the telemetry is marginal and evenly distributed over the wave, the mechanical properties of the system are not affected and the balance problem is eliminated. In addition, the application is very robust and ideal for use in very harsh environments with mud and rockfalls (off-road tests).

The popular remote adjustment function is now also included in this standard version. Thus, the subsequent adjustment or correction of the torque range to be mapped, or the adjustment of the zero point, with remote control function without soldering iron is possible. MANNER offers an easy-to-install solution with secure data transmission. The generous range of the system offers new possibilities of installation without effort and is resistant to mounting tolerances of the user. Thanks to the integrated auto-balance between shaft and stator antenna, the system is Plug & Play at all times.

The flexible stator antenna can be located horizontally, far from the center of the rotor loop antenna (yellow line) and still ensure optimum data transmission. In particular, in harsh operating conditions with high vibrations, in which loosens the attachment, the measurement result can be further ensured.

Depending on customer requirements, all analog (eg voltage) as well as digital interfaces on board (eg CAN) are available for the evaluation unit.
Due to the low power consumption of the system, it is ideal for use in real vehicle operation and completely maintenance-free due to the inductive transmission technology.

Easy interchangeability of system components
The system components can be exchanged with each other as required. This considerably simplifies logistics and reduces system costs. All systems in the vehicle work with the same transmission frequency. The synchronization of the receivers - as known from carrier frequency amplifiers - prevents crosstalk and guarantees the non-influencing of other sensors.

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