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XCP Gateway 4S pro: Der Protokollumsetzer für anspruchsvolle Messaufgaben

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Measurement tasks such as the analysis of the HV vehicle electrical system or of the electrical powertrain require voltage and current measurements at many locations throughout the vehicle. Very high measurement data rates and the best possible synchronous data acquisition are necessary for the precise recording of the voltage and current ripples or peaks that occur.

The XCP-Gateway 4S pro protocol converter receives the measurement data from up to 4 EtherCAT® buses with 100 Mbit bandwidth per bus and synchronises all the measurement data with an accuracy of 1 µs. In addition, it bundles the measurement data coming from CSM CAN MiniModules via 2 CAN bus inputs. All the data is immediately available via a GBit Ethernet interface using the XCP-on-Ethernet protocol. The synchronization is done via the PTP protocol according to ISO 1588.

In this way, up to 16 voltage and current signals with 1 MHz data rate each is transferred synchronously. Bandwidth for slower signals is also supported via the CAN inputs.

For example, shield currents can be measured in high resolution at multiple locations throughout the vehicle using the HV Breakout Module 1.2 /S, while temperatures are measured in parallel via the CAN inputs. The XCP-Gateway 4S pro offers the combination of EtherCAT and CAN measurement systems, and the simultaneous collection of data from both buses. Subsequent analysis is simplified and provides exact insights into the occurrence and effect of the shield currents.

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