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Hochvolt-sichere Erfassung von Analogsignalen

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New high-voltage-safe measuring modules for standard sensors

With the new CSM HV AD measurement modules you can use standard sensors (e.g. for the measurement of vibration, acceleration or moisture) in high-voltage environments in test benches. Thanks to the use of EtherCAT®, measurement data rates of up to 1 MHz are possible.

HV AD4 IF1000 - measurements with standard sensors and sensor power supply

The HV AD4 IF1000 is the new brother of the proven HV AD-TBM 4LI+ and allows the use of up to four standard sensors with sensor excitation in HV environments, especially when using high frequency signals or multi-channel applications.

For example, vibrations and acceleration within a high-voltage battery can be measured. Due to the high measurement data rate of up to 1 MHz, even the smallest changes in the battery can be measured with EtherCAT®. In addition, the EtherCAT® interface makes the HV AD4 IF1000 ideal for multi-channel applications with a large number of sensors.

Further information on our high-voltage-safe measuring systems can be found here:

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