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Neue Möglichkeiten für Zustandskontrolle und vorausschauende Wartung – mit den XENSIV™ Sensoren von Infineon

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Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance are rapidly gaining traction across a growing number of industries such as the smart buildings market. The ability to foresee service and repair needs before a failure actually occurs and results in unwelcome downtime promises time, efficiency and cost gains for asset management. It all starts with highly accurate sensors with the ability to collect detailed information about the status or health of an IoT end node – such as a HVAC system. Discover how Infineon’s highly precise XENSIV™ sensors can be fitted to a HVAC system to measure air flow, fan and compressor current and even vibrations, and thus help to assess device health. This end-to-end demonstrator includes secure cloud connectivity, a GUI, an anomaly score and data intelligence – all geared towards enabling predictive rather than reactive maintenance interventions.

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