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NEWS aus Gefell - MV 240 digital - Serienstart

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After successful completion of the pilot phase and positive customer feedback, the new, highly innovative, digital measuring solution could be transferred to series production.

The innovative MV 240 digital is a complet new, all-in-one development, which differs in every respect from all commercially available analogue digital solutions in terms of design and quality.

The outstanding features include, for example:

- Digital measuring microphone with 32-bit data transmission
- Digital transmission of fixed calibrated sound pressure values
- Full dynamics of a newly developed low noise 1/2" capsule
- With "¼" capsule - maximum 160 dB sound pressure level
- max. dynamic range of the 32 bit range is 186 dB

Equipped with a new, specially developed high-end low noise capsule and a new, integrated electronic system (including an integrated AD converter/ADC) that is tuned to the microphone capsules, the MV 240 considerably expands the circle of potential users.

Exactness and simplified operation now allow an optimization of existing as well as new, cost-saving application possibilities (e.g. industry, environment, R&D, occupational health and safety, up to training at universities and technical colleges).

Existing disadvantages of previous AD solutions with regard to costly operation and time-consuming installation, possible sources of error due to complicated coordination of several electronic components and the resulting time and personnel expenditure could be overcome.


- Electrical voltage as coupler must be managed by user
- Measurable or audible USB artifacts
- Insufficient sensitivity or limited frequency range
- Possible sources of error due to the necessity of additional Hardware/adapter/coupler and
related software

Customer benefits of the new MV 240 digital:

- full dynamics of a new 1/2" low noise capsule,
- Only one measuring range for the entire dynamic range, i.e. no range switching necessary,
- direct digital sound pressure conversion (with exact sensor-ADC adjustment to exclude common sources of error),
- Sampling frequency up to 192kHz is supported,
- no measurable or audible USB artifacts, USB class compatible (USB 2/3),
- no additional hardware driver necessary,
- User independence from special Firmware, possibility of using common measuring software,
- internally generated capsule polarization voltage 200V,
- Minimal inherent noise due to optimum adaptation of the measuring microphone capsule to the AD converter,
- Compatible with all common operating systems
- Electrical voltage in the system is irrelevant for users due to direct digital Sound Pressure Conversion
(Direct Digital Sound Pressure Transformation-DDST)

The new MV 240 digital thus offers the possibility of solving all the above-mentioned problems with just one device, thus saving time and money, i.e. it cost-savingly replaces 2 analog measurement microphones, two analog front end channels and a part of the digital signal processing.

In addition, no separate power supply unit is required as is usually the case with analog measurement microphones when their full dynamic range is to be used.

Another major advantage is a test generator integrated into the microphone, which checks both the complete transmission and evaluation of a 32-bit data stream from the microphone via the interface to the measurement software on the PC.

A further integrated test generator generates a signal corresponding to the sound pressure level of 1 Pascal to show the reference point in the respective measurement software.

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