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NEWS aus Gefell - wetterfeste Mikrofoneinheit WME 980- Markteinführung

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The WME 980 is a weatherproof microphone system for long-term outdoor measurement, stationary and mobile noise control and the analysis of environmental and traffic noise.
The broad market launch of the newly developed, weatherproof microphone system - WME 980 - is the result of an intensive test phase, the implementation of important impulses from practical experience and a significant expansion of functionality and the range of applications.
It consists of the MK 223 ½” measurement microphone capsule, MV 203.3 ½” measurement microphone pre-amplifier, TA 202 dehumidifier, RS 98 rain and dust shield, VW 98 windshield with bird spike and the VM 960 supply module including calibration generator.
The WME 980 is equipped with a remotely switchable calibration generator, a switchable cable driver and a switchable heater resistor to prevent possible condensation under extreme climatic conditions. The calibration generator injects a sinusoidal signal into the measurement microphone capsule via an electrostatic actuator.
The weatherproof microphone system can be calibrated with standard sound calibrators or the Pistonphone type 5002.
The WME 980 is designed for Type 1 sound level meters according to IEC 61672.

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