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Schall- und Schwingungsanalysator Nor150

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The Nor150 is a multi-tool covering a variety of applications such as Environmental and/or Industrial Noise assessments, Building Acoustics, Sound Intensity, Noise at workplace and more. It sets new standards in user-friendliness and sophistication not yet found in any other Sound Level Meter on the market. Featuring a large 4.3” true color touchscreen, the Nor150 provides user friendliness of a smartphone. Further features include; two measurement channels (for microphones and/or accelerometers), FFT analysis, built-in camera, GPS and advanced voice and text notes bringing the sophistications normally found in laboratory instrumentation out in the field. Connect your smartphone, pad or PC and take full control of the instrument by NorVirtal-App (for Android or IOS). Add photos and voice notes obtained on your smartphone or pad seamless integrated with markers to your noise data.

Sound presser level (noise at work / environmental noise / sound power)

The configuration and use of the instrument however is easy and intuitive. At the startup, an application setup menu with icons appears where you select what app you want to work with. In the standard setup / app the Nor150 acquires all sound level parameters simultaneously, no matter if the applications Noise at work, Environmental or Industrial noise assessment or for sound power determination according to (ISO 3741 / ISO 3743-47).

Sound intensity (e.g. sound power: ISO 9614 or sound insulation: ISO 15186)

The Nor150 – equipped with the sound intensity option and intensity probe Nor1290 – is probably the most modern tool for all kind of sound intensity measurements. Based on a new method for phase response correction of an intensity analyser – invented by Norsonic – the entire frequency range (50Hz – 10kHz) can be measured with one single spacer only!
The measurement can be controlled using a Smartphone which is mounted on the probe (by an App via Wifi connection to the Nor150). The App does not only allow to control (Start / Stop) but also displays all measurement results and live levels. Alternatively the probe can be mounted directly to the Nor150.

FFT analysis

The sound and vibration analyser Nor150 also hast he capability of performing a narrow band FFT analysis. The FFT analysis is a good tool e.g. for machine diagnosis or localisation of tonal components in a sound or vibration sinal. The signal can be analysed with a constant frequency resolution of 1.46 Hz (15016 lines) or alternatively 2.93 Hz (7508 lines) from 0 to 22 kHz. The signal amplitude can be displayed in logarithmic [dB] or linear units [Engineering Units, e.g. m/s^2). The real-time FFT analysis is part of the standard measurement mode, i.e. it is performed in parallel to all other level parameters (and 1/3rd octave analysis). The measurement data can be easily transferred to the PC (via WiFi / LAN / USB / SD card) and post-processed in the corresponding software.


The measurement chain consisting of the analyser Nor150 and standard microphone set Nor1209/1225 has a self-noise of approximately 15 / 16 dB(A). The lowest values that the sound level meter can display (in this combination) will therefore be 15 / 16 dB(A). In order to acquire reliable data, the signal to be measured should be 10 dB above self-noise, means the linear measurement range (for that combination) starts from 25 dB(A). To be able to measure levels

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