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Vollintegriertes Längenmess-System auf AMR-Basis für Linearmotoren

Increasingly higher demands on dynamics, synchronism and cost efficiency have also made new approaches to solutions necessary in linear drive technology. The special feature of the new EMI7913 sensor module from Sensitec is the Multi-FixPitch Concept, in which four AMR sensors are combined with an interpolation ASIC and the sensors are aligned on the module with the motor magnets (e.g. linear motor). This turns the motor magnets into a magnetic scale - i.e. no additional scale component is required. Dispensing with an additional scale and integrating it into the drive system saves the designer work and costs. The system also scores with its high installation tolerance, which in turn saves time during final assembly. The encoder is installed on the slide of the linear motor above the stator magnets, which in practice proves to be a particularly easily accessible installation location. The arrangement of the sensors ensures a good and stable signal quality. The product variants can be easily adapted to the respective customer magnets.

The AMR sensors used in the Multi-FixPitch configuration provide a very cost-effective solution for the measuring task. The new sensor module will therefore be particularly interesting for applications in handling systems with medium accuracy requirements.

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