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Von der Spülmaschine zum Roboter – neue Aufgaben für kraftvolle Aktoren von EBE

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Enormous force in smallest installation space, full thrust within milliseconds, high-resolution travel-angle-recognition in any position; these are the properties intelligent actuators from EBE sensors + motion possess. So far, the mechatronic musclemen have been locking and unlocking appliances. Now they are advancing into the industrial sector. EBE develops new modules for machine engineering and robotics.

EBE wants to increasingly introduce its actuator know-how into markets with even more extreme requirements. Apart from machine engineering, automation and robotics these include the construction industry, cleaning industry medical and lab technology, commercial vehicles, public transportation sector, agricultural and food industry. Armin Wellhöfer: “We see a high demand for powerful, quick, small and maintenance-free modules for automated locking and unlocking and for push operation.”

“The actuator concept of our door opening modules can be applied to tasks in rough industrial environments. We are currently demonstrating this in projects for machine engineering and robotics.” This is what Armin Wellhöfer reports about new developments made by the mechatronics manufacturer based in Leinfelden-Echterdingen. The actuator concept has already proved itself in the restaurant trade and kitchens, especially in dishwashers. Automated locking systems and door openers for these devices must be intuitive to use, fail-safe, long-lived, robust and error resistant.

The opening modules reach a linear force of up to several 10 kg. If brushless motors are used the force reaches the plunger within milliseconds. This allows for high positioning speeds. At the same time these motors are almost noiseless so that they can be applied in areas where high noise development is not allowed. If cost optimisation is an issue EBE recommends powerful brush motors. Solenoids can also take over the power work.

The travel-angle-sensor system is based on inductive technology. They are placed on the PCB of the module and achieve high angle resolutions at very attractive costs. Our company finds a few cubic centimetres space to house the complete package: motor, gear, plunger, PCB and sensor system. The engineers design the firmware, algorithms, housing and mounting solution for each individual application. As an OEM-partner EBE manufactures solutions ready for assembling, on demand including power supply unit and connection to proprietary bus systems. If necessary, the modules can be fed via field bus (power-over-bus).

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