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Autonomer mobiler Mess- und Mähroboter zur Prüfung von PV-Freiflächenanlagen

As part of the R&D network, the AutoPV project is developing a system for the autonomous inspection and maintenance of photovoltaic ground-mounted systems. The aim is to create a functional prototype which can scan the surface of a photovoltaic open space plant without human supervision and without remote control. In doing so, the solar modules are analysed by means of different measuring methods and undesired vegetation is cut back.

The prototype is designed as a moving robot, which orientates itself by satellite navigation, inertial sensor technology, colour image cameras and a 3D laser scanner. An infrared camera is used for thermographic investigations to detect defective modules. Motorsens installed at the front allow simultaneous maintenance of the area under the solar modules and ensure unhindered progress of the robot.

mobiInspec is supported by the ZIM program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics.

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