SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH
Am Vogelherd 46
98693 Ilmenau (Deutschland)
Tel: +49 3677 6447-0
Fax: +49 3677 6447-8

Highly dynamic three-beam interferometer for length & angle

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SIOS Meßtechnik GmbH develops, produces and sells helium-neon lasers (HeNe lasers) and laser interferometers for length, angles and vibrations. The product portfolio ranges from catalog goods to application-specific modifications to customer-specific special interferometers. A large number of OEM customers appreciate the competence of SIOS. The products are used both in science with its extreme requirements and in harsh industrial environments.
The newly developed three-beam interferometer SP5000TR offers the best of both worlds - maximum precision from science paired with the comfort and robustness of industrial products. With a variety of software solutions, this interferometer opens up a wide range of applications, such as length measurement, angle measurement, simultaneous three-axis measurements or classic standard-related calibrations from simple single axes to complex machines. Like every SIOS interferometer, the SP5000TR is highly dynamic and therefore suitable for measuring displacement and angular vibrations.

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